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Successful SaMERU Conference - 7th March 2013

Published: Friday, 01 February 2013

Update on the final conference

Over 70 delegates attended the SaMERU conference in Southend on 7th March 2013, it was held at the Park Inn Palace Hotel.

Speakers from Germany, France, Italy and the UK set out the current findings of the SaMERU project highlighting the effects of an ageing population and the need to keep mobile and safe in later life.

Presentations by local politicians, psychologists, and road safety experts in transport and mobility spoke about their research findings, potential recommendations and some of the actions already carried out to tackle the number of accidents involving older drivers, pedestrians and cyclist.

Driver and cycle training courses, better highway design, partnerships between organisations and more research and data collection were some of the suggestions put forward.

A series of workshops were held to look at actions and responsibilities, together with a Q & A session.

A conference report is being prepared and will be available on the website shortly.

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