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At the conclusion of the project, the Partners will produce a final report containing recommendations for authorities responsible for Road safety, transport and health to consider adopting that will significantly reduce elderly road user casualties throughout Europe.

We are all living longer and our desire to remain mobie in our later years is increasing.  The population over 65 years of age is growing as the post war baby-boomers reach retirement age. In OECD countries, it is forecast that over 25% of the population will be over 65 years of age by the year 2050.

In France, more than half the pedestrians killed on the road are over 65 years old, whereas this age group represents less than 16% of the population. International accident statistics show similar trends for this group.

In terms of collisions per mile driven, the least vunerable are 60-64 and 65-69 age groups but the risk of road collisions increases beyond 70 years and those over 85 years are the second most vunerable age group after those under 20 years.

In addition, older road users involved in collisions are more susceptible to serious injury due to the frailty that increases with age.